Starting Bespoke by Chase in 2019 doesn’t mean we are new to the menswear business. Chase has over 18 years in the business, everything from managing a small mom and pops custom shop, high end designers to the big box stores. Working for these company’s helped Chase refine his own personal style. 

Chase opened June 2019 In downtown Manhattan Beach where he has lived for over 10 years. Being so close to the beach Chase is known for making some of the softest, light weight and flexible garments perfect for our California weather. One of his signature jacket models “THE SOUTHBAY” is named after the place he loves most.

Chase loves showing his clients his collections of sartorial clothing, always suggesting beautiful fabrics from Loro Piana out of Italy. Whether you are looking to add a suit to the work wardrobe, getting married or need a going out sport coat. We’re happy to help guide you with expert advise. Usually with a glass of Scotch, Bourbon or White Claw.

At Bespoke by Chase we create garments one at a time, this way each piece serves a purpose in the wardrobe. Handcrafted quality!! Always seeking the best quality with effortless style it’s in our DNA and a passion of ours. 

Made to Measure Process

Step One

The first meeting typically lasts 1-1.5 hours depending on the client and their needs. The client’s measurements are taken using a combination of body measurements and garment measurements, this creates the fit profile. The complete design of the garment along with fabric selection is determined during the appointment as well.

Step two

Step Three